Who we work with

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do

We work with key stakeholders and contacts across the packaging sector to ensure we use collaboration to keep our information and tools up to date, and to share our voice on issues which impact our members.

We work with the Government and devolved nations, Local Authorities, Waste Management Companies, Retailers and Brands, Packaging Manufacturers, Start-ups and Sole Traders, and supply chain including, Packer/Fillers and Design Agencies, And the list goes on!

Technical Advisory Committee

As packaging is always evolving and new recycling infrastructure becomes available, it’s vital that OPRL Labelling Rules and tools are up to date. OPRL’s Technical Advisory Committee is made up from experts from all sectors of packaging – designers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and recycling . They meet regularly to ensure our tools and labels up to date and reflect our members requirements.


We work with the Governments of the 4 UK Nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure that we are up to date with policy, thinking and regulations, and to share our research and expertise. OPRL has spoken a number of times at Policy Connect events and interact with Parliamentarians of all political parties.

Industry Bodies

Packaging impacts on so many sectors and so many interests that we need to ensure that we keep up to date. Whether we’re taking part in the IGD Sustainable Packaging Working Group or speaking at a British Plastics Federation environmental seminar, we make sure that we, and our members, are represented. Although we have informal relationships with a number of groups such as CMA, ESA, CIWM, Consumers International, Ceflex and the Packaging Federation, we also offer an Associate scheme that allows organisations with shared values to demonstrate their support.


Our members are our life blood, and we communicate regularly through newsletters and webinars to discuss our plans and initiatives. This works both ways and our members – whether they be large retailers, international brands or smaller companies, also maintain regular contact with us, to make sure that we know about their initiatives, and that our labels and tools are up to date and reflect their needs.

Non-Governmental Organisations

The impact of packaging goes beyond the packaging sector, so we value the input of NGOs such as WWF and Green Alliance who act as critical friends for our work, such as the refill labels and our SDG work.