What consumers want

Understanding what information consumers respond to and how they behave is essential to get consumers recycling, more often.

For this reason, our labels and the work we do is underpinned by research. Our ‘What Consumers Want’ report draws on seven major pieces of consumer insight taken from a study with over 5,000 UK consumers in Spring 2023, undertaken for OPRL Ltd by Tangible Branding, a consumer research company.

This research has revealed the following key insights:

This survey gathers insights into consumer attitudes to recycling, barriers to action and how labelling helps to overcome these challenges. Click the below button to access the full report.

Consumer Survey Report

Consumers are confused with many recycling labels

Our research repeatedly shows consumers don’t understand all the labels which are printed on packaging and that people find multiple labels very confusing.

Consumers want clear and recognisable information at a glance. In their busy lives most people want a quick prompt as they decide which bin to put packaging in. They don’t want to stop to think about it, they’re looking for a strong visual cue to recycle or not recycle.

Want to read the full report? Access it here.

Why consumers recycle

Overwhelmingly, people want to ‘do their bit’ for the planet, their communities and future generations.

People need help to turn their good intentions into the right actions. But wanting to act responsibly and feeling equipped to make the right decision on every piece of packaging are very different things.

Access the full Consumer Survey Report

"I recycle because I think it's important to try to live as sustainability as possible to assist in safeguarding the planet for future generations. Some items are straightforward whilst others are frustrating as I am unsure whether or not I can recycle."

"Why wouldn't you recycle?! I hate the thought of things being so disposable and ending up in landfill. I mean if we don't recycle where does the rubbish end up? Surely, it's better to recycle things to stop them from ending up in the ground and destroying our planet."

"I recycle because it is the right thing to do. I would love to be able to recycle all of the containers and packaging bought goods come in to do my bit towards reducing waste going into landfill and to help save our planet."