Getting the most out of the scheme

Compliance is an important part of the OPRL scheme, and it’s how we can ensure we provide clear, consistent, and reliable recycling and refill information to consumers.

We have commissioned Ricardo Energy & Environment to undertake audits on our behalf. They undertake hundreds of checks every month to ensure the labels are being used correctly.

Once you’ve been a member of the scheme for a year or so, you will be asked to supply samples of your artwork for review – we’ll never ask our new members to be audited as we want you to understand the scheme first.

The audit team will want to look at a representative sample to understand where you’re using the labels and how they’re being used.

As the OPRL labels don’t include details on the packaging materials, we’ll need some additional information on the material type and components of the samples.

Following the assessment, a report will be provided, summarising the key results and highlighting any areas for improvement to ensure you are fully compliant with the OPRL Rules. The auditing team will then follow up and support you with updating any major non-compliances.

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