What our members say

91% of customers said they were happy with their OPRL membership.

80% of members say that they would recommend OPRL to other businesses.

88% of our retailer and brand members value the OPRL online labelling tool.

It’s easy to boast about all the things OPRL do, but it’s not just us saying it, it’s also our members.

Here are some of our case studies.

We also regularly run customer satisfaction surveys and our latest results1 above speak for themselves. We’ve also carried out some in depth member interviews and here are some of the things they said:

"My role here was recently created, so now I am a sustainable packaging technologist. A large part of my role is sourcing our suppliers and getting the right packaging for our products and for transporting our goods, whilst making sure we are working towards our sustainability goals as a business.

Luckily we already had on OPRL membership, and I have been working closely with the team and using the label making tool to develop the right packaging solutions. The thing I like about OPRL is the clarity and consistency they offer for our consumers, making everyone's life easier.

Their communications are considered, and we look to them for advice on packaging, as well as to keep up-to-date with changes to legislation that we should be aware of. I see them as the industry leaders for labelling, and we will stay members as the consumer and business benefits are so great.

Membership is really important. I think there is potential for OPRL to become something bigger and better. Helping consumers understand packaging whilst supporting businesses in the delivery of the clear communications."

"Within our business we have a variety of shapes and sizes of products, some of which are so small that it can be problematic trying to fit multiple labels on pack and to make sure we're giving clear instructions for the different components. Being an OPRL member I am able to go to them with these issues; often l email them to get their help and advice. I use other sources but being an OPRL member gives me the extra support that I don't get from any other information sources.

They really do help us, we recently attended a Zoom session that outlined changes to the new packaging rules coming in and we had a session with our sales team to bring them up to speed as well. The whole OPRL team were great at explaining everything and we really appreciate their ongoing support.

If in doubt, speak to OPRL! The team are lovely and knowledgeable and they always make sure our complicated issues are resolved. Anyone who isn't a member is missing out!"

1 March 2021