EPR ready recycling labels

Helping consumers recycle better, more often

At OPRL, we work with retailers, brands and those in the packaging supply chain to provide recycling labels, tools and expert guidance on recyclability of packaging in the UK.


But it’s not just about the label

Here are some of the other things we offer as part of OPRL membership:

Get ahead of EPR

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the UK for packaging is now underway. With EPR in place, obligated businesses will bear the cost of collecting and recycling packaging at the end of its life.

Under the EPR regulations, EPR requirements include that all packaging must be labelled with recycling sustainability labels, there will be no exemptions for small businesses.

As a member of OPRL, we will provide you with recycling labels that are already EPR compliant and keep you up-to-date on what we know about EPR and what this means to you.

Membership support when you need it

With OPRL membership, you’ll have access to the technical know-how and support given by our membership support Team.

Our team has over 13 years experience in packaging recycling so we are able to support you with your labelling needs.

They’ll be able to help you with ad-hoc label requests, support to get the right label for packaging not covered in our labelling tool and much more.

Tools giving you access to print ready labels

As an OPRL member, we provide you with tools and information exclusive to OPRL members.

Our artwork labelling tools enable you to access recycling and refill labels 24/7. Simply enter the details of your packaging type, material etc. and it will show you the right labels to use. Then, download your print ready artwork, available in multiple formats.

You’ll also have access to our Labelling Rules, FAQs and webinars to give you that extra support whenever you need it.

We also have tools in progress to help you create recyclable packaging at the point of design.

The benefits from our collaboration and knowledge share

Our member support is underpinned by collaboration and knowledge share.

We work closely with the UK Government and devolved nations on policies that impact our members, and other organisations across the packaging industry, to ensure that we provide the most up-to-date information. We share this with our members though our regular newsletters and webinars.

So how labels are determined?

Our labelling scheme takes account of the whole recycling process from council and in-store collections to sorting at MRFs and the likelihood of reprocessing into recyclate and use in packaging or other products.

Our primary recycling labels are Recycle and Do Not Recycle. We also have a handful of specialist labels, and you can add consumer instructions to our labels to help with recycling.

We also have refill labels for consumer packaging.

Becoming a member

To join the OPRL labelling scheme, simply select ‘register here’ below and select your business type and size.

When we have your registration, we will send out an invoice. Once payment has been received, we will give you access to our Members’ Area.

Small business can pay by direct debit or card straight away.

If you’re not sure which category best fits your organisation, or if you need some more information, you can email us at join@oprl.org.uk and we will get in touch.


1 Based on independent research of 5010 consumers, February 2023
2 Based on a survey of 100 members, May 2023