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EPR ready labels

And of course the labels. We provide EPR ready recycling labels to go onto your packaging. We have simple Recycle and Do Not Recycle labels as well as specialist labels for packaging that needs to give consumers a bit more help. All the information on how to use our labels is also available in our Members’ Area along with our tools and resources to give you the most out of your membership.

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“I love using OPRL, I find the tools incredibly easy to use, and it makes a complicated task very simple.

“Being a small business, OPRL helps give my little company a professional image and to fit all the major retailer requirements. But most importantly it provides our customers with very easy to understand information about our packaging and how to recycle it. I’m so pleased to be a member and the positive impact it helps us have on the industry.”

Dan Featherstone
Founder at Made For Drink

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